Thursday, April 3, 2014

Longing For Color

Spring is finally upon us here in the South Central part of Pennsylvania. We've had some mild, sunny days and then some rain; a few cold days and then some snow -- totally normal for this time of year. Most of the trees and bulbs in this area are still brown and dull. I can't help but feel anxious for the buds to open up and for the flowers to unfold so when I walk out my door or gaze out my window, I see an earth filled with color! 

Spring is full of transformations, a season of renewal. I trust that Mother Nature will once again deliver, as she has since the earliest days of creation, her most colorful works of art.



Janis said...

Yep..hanging on and watching for spring to burst wide open with color!!!
Nice macro shot!

Tracy said...

Everyday I drive through the park, I feel anxious for the buds on the trees to burst open. It gets more colorful everyday.


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