Monday, July 14, 2014

When Tragedy Strikes

Cowboys, clowns, horses, rodeos and fun can all be found at the popular Christian summer camp, River Valley Ranch (RVR) located in Millers, Maryland. Every summer RVR services over 20,000 youth and adults with their summer camps and seasonal events in a distinctly Christian and wholesome family atmosphere.

The rodeo is a popular event held at the ranch complete with real live cowboys, bucking bulls, fast horses and did I mention strong, rugged, manly cowboys? Always a thrill to watch!

Sadly, a young boy lost his life while attending camp at RVR last week due to a violent storm that passed through the area. It saddens my heart immensely and I can't even imagine the pain his parents and loved ones must feel at this time. It gives me peace to know that the boy's mom has shown courage and grace through her Lord and Savior. She released a statement about her son here. If the spirit moves you, please consider making a contribution to "Justin's Fund".

(Click on image to enlarge  - all images taken at RVR July 2014)

 Here are my two favorite "Cowgirls" at RVR.



Jan n Jer said...

Yet another tragedy for RVR. So sad for all involved.

Praveen RS said...

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