Thursday, May 14, 2009

17 Down

I was not going to divulge this information with anyone other than my immediate family, but I am so thrilled with my results thus far, that I wanted to share my secret with all my blogger friends.

I have had a portion control problem with food. I was unable to control my eating habits and over the years, 40 plus pounds have been packed onto my small 5'1 petite frame. So I, along with 2 of my closest friends have joined the Weight Watchers program. I joined on a whim. I really did not see that I was in fact that "short, chubby girl with a pretty face". I joined because it was time to take a stand and do something about my problem with overeating and portion control. I joined because I am sick and tired of not feeling good about myself, not fitting into my clothes and not having any energy.

I am here to give you all my personal testimony that Weight Watchers works! The program works because it is not a diet! It is a life style change about eating right and living healthy. Over the past two months, I have lost over 17 pounds! My intentions are to keep on going! The more I lose the more momentum and desire I have to lose more! Of course, the program works hand in hand with exercise. I have tried to step up my cardio and now that Spring is here, I have been way more active outside.

Did I mention that I joined the program with two of my closest galfriends? Well, they too are having much success on the program! And it is so nice to have their support.

This is a serious life style change for me and I fully intend on becoming a life-time Weight Watcher's member. I will keep you all posted as I slowly but surely drop the pounds. Please keep me in your prayers as I continue on my healthy life-style journey.


margaret (the misanthrope) said...

Yay!! Hooray for healthy living and quality-of-life choices!

You are so right. Long-lasting health won't come from any comes from a commitment to healthy lifestyle choices.

Healthy is ALWAYS beautiful! Best of luck to you. I understand about keeping things private, but do let us know how you are doing if you're comfortable with that.

Driftwood and Pumpkin said...

Hooray for you. It is all about health. That is the "aha" moment I had last August! Woot for you!

Colleen C said...

Awesome Kelly! I'm very happy for you. Keep up the great momentum. You can do it!

quilly said...

I joined Weight Watchers and it really was working, but it costs more than my budget can afford. I do not do well without the support, but I cannot support myself and them, too.

Janis said...

U go girl, I am proud of you. The weight loss is really showing, your looking good! Keep up the good work.

Heather said...

That is awesome! Way to go, and keep it up!

Tracy said...

I don't know about the pretty face part...JUST KIDDING!! You're doing great and I'm very proud of you as I know you're proud of yourself.

Anonymous said...

You've always had a 'pretty face' and now you'll keep it along with the new you! glad it is working for you, keep it up.


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