Thursday, July 30, 2009

To Blog or Not to Blog?

My 11-year old daughter (aka Nature Girl) has recently taken an interest in photography and would like to take up blogging to share her photos and to journal about them as well as other things an 11-year old might be thinking about. I am having a tough time with this one. We have been very strict about Internet usage, but ever since Nature Girl has obtained an e-mail address (thanks to her Grandmother's coaxing), she has taken this computer thing to a whole new level. And I must admit, for an 11-year old, she is pretty computer literate. She is a whiz at Power Point and can upload and edit photos like a true professional. I am fully aware that you do not have to make your blog public and it can be shared solely with family and friends. So, I may have to let her go this route. But, I am curious about what you think. If you have a moment, please take my poll below. In the meantime, be looking for an upcoming post from Nature Girl. She will be "guest posting" on my blog.


Janis said...

I think if you restrict her blog to friends n family she will be ok. This is a wonderful outlet for her creative side. She has potential and a good eye for photo opps. This will keep her thinking and always looking for topics to blog about. I wish I would have discovered blogging years ago.

Anonymous said...

You may as well let her expand her knowledge here as she will get computer smarts in school anyway. What a way to expand her world and you should explain her limits to her.
So go for it and Good Luck.

Sayre said...

I am thinking the same thing about my son (age 10). He has an email account for the first time and is VERY interested in expanding his own computer experience... I may have to introduce him to limited blogging.


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