Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fun Monday - What's Cookin'?

Happy Fun Monday ya'll! Sayre will definitely be smiling this week, because she is our lovely hostess and I'll bet she can't wait to read all the wonderful recipes she has asked us to share. More specifically, our assignment is below:

I want a step-by-step guide (pictures encouraged) for making your favorite summertime dish. This can be an entree, a vegetable, a casserole, or a dessert. Hopefully it will be quick and easy so we can spend August playing more and cooking less!

First of all, thanks for hosting Sayre! Summer time can be busy and most of the time it is too hot to be in the kitchen, so quick and easy recipes is a wonderful Fun Monday topic. I am looking forward to adding some new summer time recipes to my collection.

I am most excited to share this recipe handed down from my Mom (aka Life According to Jan and Jer). It is called Gone In A Second Pickles... Rest assured, if you make these pickles, they will indeed be gone in a second because they are mouth watering delicious! I made these pickles for the first time last week and it was a snap (unlike my potato salad story - see post below). There is no cooking involved. Here is the recipe:

6 Cups of sliced cucumbers

6 TBS salt

2 Cups boiling water

2 TBS sugar

1/2 tsp. Accent seasoning

6 cloves garlic (sliced)

1/4 Cup white vinegar

2 Cups ice water

2 tsp. dried red pepper flakes

Place the sliced cucumbers in a bowl. Mix the salt with the boiling water and pour it over the cucumbers. Let the cucumbers soak for 1 hour.

Drain the cucumbers. Mix the remaining ingredients and pour over the cucumbers. Refrigerate and enjoy. You can divide the pickles into about 4 jelly jars, or you can simply store them in an air tight container in the fridge. (note: these pickles are on the spicy side).

I will be out of town today and all day Tuesday without my computer, so I will try my best to get to everyone's blogs by Tuesday evening. Happy Fun Monday everyone!


Sayre said...

I'm not a pickle fan myself, but my guys are! I'm going to have to make these and see for myself if all it takes is a second for them to disappear!

karisma said...

My kids love pickles! I will have to give this a try. Thus far I have been hopeless at making the ones you need to leave for ages. They never work! Thanx for sharing!

Janis said...

I agree with you...they will be gone in a second. At least that is my experience everytime I make them. This recipe is a keeper for sure!

quilly said...

Oh! I am trying this recipe! Looks yummy!

Karmyn R said...

I make something very similar - except have never added the chili flakes. My husband would LOVE the spiciness!

Driftwood and Pumpkin said...

MMmm...that sounds good!

Faye said...

Like you Mom's sweet and sour pickles, these really need to be kept going all summer long--great side for a sandwich. And I did read your great potato salad caper yesterday. Poor girl! You're right to not step up and volunteer to make it again. Or, if you do, just go for the old standard instead of the heirloom recipe.

eastcoastlife said...

I love pickles and this looks easy enough to prepare. I'm used to spicy food so this is going to be a bonus. :)

grace said...

they sure do look spicy but they look yummy too, thanks for sharing, grace

Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

Rock on!!! I'm going to the Farmers' Market this weekend and get LOTS of cucumbers and try this out! This looks FABULOUS!!


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