Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Giveaways Galore

Tis the season for giving, but receiving is nice too, right? Three of my fellow bloggers are having giveaways throughout December and you could win cool stuff for FREE! I have been participating and thought I would pass along the links for you too, if you are interested. It is fun! And, you will get to meet some new bloggers.

First off, there is my dear blogger friend, Quilly, from Quintessentially Quilly. She and her side kick, Thom from Thom's Place live in Hawaii and are having a "12 Days of Christmas Hawaiian Style" giveaway. You can check it out here and here.

Then there is Nana Thena, from Patiently Waiting. She too is giving away something everyday for the first 12 days of Christmas. You can simply click the button to the left that says, "Giveaway" and it will take you to her blog. You do not have to be a blogger to play.

Join in the fun!


quilly said...

Quilly's Pacific Paradise changed it's name when Quilly came to realize that the paradise of this place is 100% illusion. For at least a year now my blog has gone by the name, Quintessentially Quilly.

Janis said...

Thanks for the your new Christmas design.

Thena said...

Thank you so much for blogging about my giveaways, and entering them.

quilly said...

Oh dear! I need to check my brain. I didn't mean to leave that comment on your post! I meant to send it in an email. I have to get more sleep.

For my official post comment I wish to say, THANK YOU! I hope your friends do come by. Also, I love your spiffy Christmas decor here!


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