Sunday, December 27, 2009

Where In The World Is Church Lady?

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I hosted Christmas Day at my house for the family. It was "open house" style, so people came and went from 1 o'clock on. My last guests left around 8:45 pm. It was a very enjoyable day, I must say.

The day after Christmas, we left for a surprise mini vacation to Deep Creek Lake, MD. We were invited by my SIL, Lori who rented a large 5 bedroom home (click link for a virtual tour) on the lake. Skiing is the big attraction in this part of Western MD, otherwise known as "Steeler Country", so today, we ventured off to The Wisp Resort. The Wisp boasts 28 ski trails, snow tubing and ice skating! Nature Girl was the brave one in our family, as she got on those skis like an old pro! My nephew is an avid skier, so he was able to assist her on the lift and on some of the more challenging trails.

After the Ravens beat the Steelers (**fingers crossed** - I am currently watching this nail biter game as I type this post), we are going back to the slopes for some night snow tubing.

I will post more on our mini vacation later. I have to get back to eating, drinking and relaxing by the roaring fire built by my wonderful BIL, Jay. So, I will leave you all with a few photos from yesterday and today.

Front of house:

Back of house:

Sunset view from house:

Sunset on the lake:

FW & Church Lady:

My SIL, Lori:

SIL & FW cooking dinner:

BIL, Jay building big fire:

Watching Fringe in the Theatre:

Christian & Brit on the slopes:

Nature Girl on the bunny slope:


My nephew, Brock:

Taking a ride up the bunny slope:


Nature Girl's first ride on the lift:

The challenging course:

Are we having fun yet?:

Time for coffee & cocoa inside the lodge:


Janis said...

Wow...looks like all is having a good time. Beautiful house and gorgeous weather.

Tracey9AD said...

So jealous! I hope she rented through Railey ;0) Looks like tons of fun. I have never been skiing!

Pamela said...

It's been a long time since I've been to the slopes ----
I've never seen a tow like that one!

that is one beautiful house - and place to be

Heather said...

Wowza! That looks beautiful! Glad you are having fun!

quilly said...

What a grand Christmas vacation! That house is a dream. The sunset is pretty dazzling, too.

Tracy said...

Glad you're having a good time and keeping warm. Looks like you had beautiful weather for skiing. I was trying to find you on the web cam but I didn't have any luck. See ya soon.

Deborah Ann said...

Wow, sounds like a blast!

janet said...

Love the scenery! Beautiful home too! I haven't been to Deep Creek since I was a little girl, at least 20 years ago. Will have to convince the hubby it's time to head that way!


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