Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Husband Can Fix the World!

My husband has many good qualities. Not only is he known for being a loving and caring husband, but he is also known as my "top notch handy man". How lucky can a gal be to have a man in her life who can pretty much do anything from building a home to repairing an automobile?

So, when I asked my top notch handy man if he could fix the world, naturally he replied, "Let me go get my set of allen wrenches". Now, you might ask, how can one fix the entire world with a set of wrenches?

Well, just like this:

My world globe had been loose for months and would not stand straight due to my kid's uncontrollable need to spin it. Thanks to my top notch handy man, the world is in a better place!

There are so many things my hubby is good at fixing like unclogging the kitchen sink drain and replacing the burned out kitchen cabinet lighting. I am so thankful to have him in my life. Not only is he good at repairs, but he is also good at building things. He is very anxious to begin construction on our fitness room. This room is already partially completed, so it should not take long at all! My wonderful top notch handy man will be saving us hundreds of dollars because he knows how to do electrical work, HVAC, painting, flooring and trim work! And of course I will be working with him side by side as his handy dandy little helper! As a helper, I feel that it's important to keep track of our current jobs, so I made a neat little "check list" just for my top notch handy man. I hope he finds it most helpful.

- Fix world globe
 - Unclog kitchen sink
- Replace burned out kitchen cabinet lighting
 - Install add'l lighting in Fitness Room
- Hang ceiling drywall in Fitness Room
- Trim work in Fitness Room
- Lay flooring in Fitness Room
☐ - Paint and touch up in Fitness Room


Hugh Reynolds Sr said...

You are tooooo much! Your mind just doesn't quit, with one good thought after another. Who would have come up with this article from a broken globe? My step-DIL. How blessed we all are because of you.

quilly said...

Handymen are handy, aren't they?

Tracey9AD said...

I love having a do-it-all husband too. Glad he was able to fix the world ;0)

Deborah Ann said...

Your hubby sounds just like mine! Aren't you grateful for an awesome husband? I sure am!

gayle said...

My husband can do anything too!!! We are so lucky!!

Molly said...

I am looking for your Fun Monday post. However, your husband looks like a keeper; my hubby is a fixer too. (Thank Heavens)

grace said...

I have to get that Magic Eraser, it does everything!


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