Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Boat Needs A Name

We are the proud owners of a new pontoon boat! Since we live less than a mile from the State park and 1,275 acre lake, we thought boating would create some fun, quality family time this summer.  So, I am asking for your help in naming our boat. We have several names picked out, but none of us can decide on one name.  First though, I feel I should explain why we picked the names. So, in no particular order are the potential boat names and a brief description. You can vote for your favorite name in my blog poll below.

1.  "C.C. Rider" - Both of our daughter's names begin with the letter "C". Plus, it is one of our favorite Elvis songs.

2.  "The Mae-Lynn" - Mae is my youngest daughter's middle name and Lynn is my and my oldest daughter's middle name.

3.  "Back In Black" - Our boat is black and white. Plus, it is a popular AC/DC song!

4.  "Toon Time" - Toon is the second syllable of Pontoon.

5.  "It's About Time" - Because it's about time we got a boat!

We are not ruling out any name suggestions you may have! Please do share!

We will be leaving Sunday morning for Saint John's, Michigan to pick-up our boat. It is about a 10 hour drive from Southern PA. Below is a photo of the store model. Our boat will be black with a black bimini top. I will share more photos once we pick up the boat.

Please vote below! We appreciate your input!


Editor said...

I voted for "It's About Time", though I like it without the "It's" even better.

I also linked to your post from my blog about boat names in hopes that we can help you pick a name.

Good luck, and congrats on the new boat!

Deborah Ann said...

Well, I voted for 'Toon Time.' How awesome that you have a pontoon!!! Whoo Hoo!!! You should invite all your blog friends to give it a whirl!

Janis said...

Can't wait to party on the party boat. I can just see us pulling up to the shores of the band shell on sunday evenings to listen to the free concerts, with a bucket of KFC

Swampy said...

I like "Toon Time...a play on words also for TUNE Time, since you are so into songs.
So, when are your blog buds going to be invited?

Sassy said...

I voted for C.C. Rider, unless you thought you might want to go with Ride, Sally, Ride.

Pamela said...

how about after a movie... like Hope Floats. But you could call it Hope it Floats. giggle.

I think Tune Time sounds wonderful (play on the word, as you all enjoy music, too)

Tracey9AD said...

Congrats! I voted for Mae-Lynn because my middle name is Lynn too ;0)

Hula Girl at Heart said...

I love Toon Time. Of course, I'm a lover of all things 80's so Back in Black makes me smile, too.

Anonymous said...

I like CC Rider. And if you don't mind I may borrow it! I'm looking for a boat name and our last names both start with C.


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