Monday, June 11, 2012

16 Things

I love about Carley...

I LOVE how you make everyone laugh with your DRY sense of humor.

Your GOOFY facial expressions and your BEAUTIFUL smile will light up a room.

You enjoy playing the PIANO and I love how you come up with your own little MEDLEYS.

You play the RECORDER through your NOSE like you are trying out for America's Got Talent and it always makes me LAUGH.

You are VERY particular with what you WEAR and how you DRESS. I guess you get that from your mama.

I love that you rely on your LITTLE SISTER for simple things. She is your SECURITY blanket and you enjoy having her around.

You drink CHOCOLATE MILK e-v-e-r-y s-i-n-g-l-e day. And you always say, "I like chocolate milk," and it always makes me SMILE.

You think nothing of hopping on your BIKE and taking off down the road like a "FREE SPIRIT".

I love your ARTISTIC ability and your SILLY little sketches.

I love how you still FLAP YOUR ARMS like you are flying, just as you did when you were a toddler when you got excited about something.

I love that you still (sometimes) want to be "TUCKED" in at bed time. I hope that never ends.

I love how GENTLE you are with our PETS and how they find comfort with you.

You have a tremendous love for a variety of MUSIC. I think you get that from your mama too.

You have a great deal of RESPECT for yourself.

You have so many FRIENDS who love and ADORE you.

You are BEAUTIFUL and there is nothing you can do about it.

"You are are sacred and you are His. You're beautiful..."
~ Mercy Me

Happy 16th Birthday to my baby girl. This song is for you.


Tracy said...

That sums up everything I wanted to say about Carley. Happy Birthday Carls. Love you!!

Jan n Jer said...

Ditto on everything...couldn't have said it any better!!! Stay true to yourself Car...Love U very much!

Georgia Girls said...

What a lovely tribute ... And such an exciting time of life. Enjoy!

Faye said...

Oh goodness! A BIG BIRTHDAY--congrats to a great teen and her parents. Best wishes for the next chapter and parents pat yourselves on the back for a job well done. Great qualities.

Mrs. Marci said...

Very cool!! Happy birthday to you Carley!!!

That corgi :) said...

Happy birthday Carley! What a beautiful young woman you are!



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