Sunday, September 23, 2007

Garage Trusses

The next phase of our garage was to set the trusses. Kevin Brodsky and his team worked fast to get the roof on! I was amazed at how fast these fellows worked! Our roofers came in this past week and put the shingles on. The next phase will be the brick work. This may take some time, as our brick layer put us off 3 months or more. I think it's time to find a NEW mason!

Here is Hugh in his NEW "Man Fort"! It must be nice to have not only one, but two "Man Forts"! Can't you see the SMILE on his face?? It must be a man thing!!! This room above the new garage will hold our patio furniture as well as many other miscellaneous items. There is a double hung french door located in the back of the attic trusses to enter this storage room.

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