Monday, July 28, 2008

Down On The Ranch

Howdy ya'll! What's kickin'? Well, I can tell ya'll what was kickin' this past weekend at River Valley Ranch - - bulls, bulls, and more bulls. Remember, back in the beginning of June, I asked ya'll to send me some idears bout' what to do with your kids this summer? Well, my good friend, Deanna suggested a "FREE" rodeo at River Valley Ranch. That's right, "FREE". What a wonderful place to take your kin to enjoy buckin' bulls, fast horses and silly capers! After the Rodeo, the kids can cool off in the creek! They even have a chuck wagon in case yer belly gets a growlin'! Click here to learn more about "Summer Saturdays" at the Ranch.

This cowboy is trying to get the bull behind the gate

This rider stayed on the bull for a whopping 15 seconds!

Sam and Casey cool off in the creek

Check out the hammock hanging from the bridge

Sam and Casey enjoy watching the Rodeo

The Ozsvath family look like they are having a good time!

Adam finds a snake in the creek

Holly says,"cheese"!

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iPost said...

Fun! We MUST do this. I see also that they have fall activities as well! What a gem you have introduced us to!


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