Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Day At The Ranch

It was a hot summer day here in Southern PA and it felt good. It seems we have started a yearly tradition of going to the rodeo at nearby River Valley Ranch. It is always a nice time and it is FREE! The kids like to play in the stream and the adults usually relax on a blanket by the shade tree until it is time for the rodeo to begin. Here is a slide show of today.

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Anonymous said...

Your slide show pics made the rodeo look like fun, but it was the presentation that really caught my interest. What a perfecting frame for rodeo photographs.

Tracy said...

OMG! Great pictures. I love being a spectator and feeling like I'm part of the wild west. That's a fun day. I hope we can continue our tradition next year as well.

Janis said...

It was a great day, having a rodeo and ranch in our neck of the woods is a plus for us. Always a good family outing.


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