Thursday, April 8, 2010

God Help Me!

Good Lord... I need help... Serious help in surviving these teen years with my daughters. The moodiness and sassiness of my 13-year old is going to send me over the edge. So God, if you are reading this now,  I pray to you, please grant me the patience, strength and understanding to deal with these unique challenges that I am faced with as a parent right now in my life.

My 13-year old, whom we have dubbed "Funny Face" for blogging purposes, is a kind, loving and caring teen 90% 75%, 50% of the time. She is your typical adolescent teen who displays feelings of uncertainty, unhappiness, sensitivity and above all, moodiness.

Moodiness because she often changes from withdrawn and grumpy to sociable and silly within minutes.

And depending on what side of the bed she awakens, she may be angry at the world...or at her parents and we will never know the reason why.

But, when things are going her way, you will find her happy and giddy.

And at times, she is convinced that everyone is watching and judging her. 

These happy moments are few and far in between.

And it's times like these when I do not know if I should laugh or cry because it's hard not to take it personally.

But then, for no unforseen reason, my smiling "Funny Face" comes around and all is right with the world once again, that is until the next mood... swings in.


Thena said...

You describe my 12-year old step-daughter to a tee. Last week when they were here for spring break, I let her sleep as long as she wanted to. Some days it was 1:00 in the afternoon but it was a heck of alot more peaceful around here. It's like if she doesn't get 12 hours or sleep shes untolerable to be around. But as you say as yours she has her moments that she can be very lovable.

quilly said...

I have already diagnosed the problem. It is you. Stop praying for patience! If you pray for patience God grants you circumstances that would help you develop patience. You need instead to pray that God help you hold the patience you have. ;)

Don't worry, in about 12 years this will all be over -- with this one.

Janis said...

Now its your! This to shall pass so hold onto your sanity and don't kill our little teenager...she will grow out of these uncertain, finding herself years.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately a woman has to go through this twice in her life; as a teen, then when menopause hits. LOL Just be thankful you will have her out of the house by that time!
I would never be thirteen again to save my life! I have memories of being a horrid child at that age.

Faye said...

Oh dear! You never know when Sybil is going to show up at the breakfast table? These wonderful photos perfectly illustrate your quandry, Kelly. What a range of emotion on one little face. I have no advice to give since my main charge is a "sweet"--honestly!--pit bull! I'm sure that the love and good parenting you provide will win out in the end.

I love blogging because just when you think you're the only person having problems someone else proves you wrong. For myself I've been fighting an ongoing problem with my older sister for whom I have primary caregiving responsibilities. We have regular showdowns at the Okay Corral, things improve and then go back to just how she likes them! Ah me. . .

Have a great--and peaceful--weekend. Or, as the English say: "Keep Calm and Carry On."

Deborah Ann said...

I went through that with my daughter when she was a teen. When I got married I wanted six girls, but God gave me 3 boys and 1 girl instead. I am thanking Him to this day...:)

Anonymous said...

I truly hope she gets through the teen years intact. It is a rough time for a teenager, girls especially.I wish you the best of luck with this - and then to go thru it again-my o my....You'll need more than prayer too. Got to be smarter than they are..Stay one step ahead of 'em....And to think...girls come out of this experience being both beautiful and smart? How does that happen?

gayle said...

I had two of those!!! My daughters are 5 years apart and I thought they had it out to get me:) One would be great and the other crabby. One mess and the other neat. Then they would reverse roles!! They are in their thirtys now and every now and then we have our little spats especially with the younger one. My husband saids she just like me. I will pray for you!! Hold on and love the good moments!!

Heather said...

I love the pictures. They perfectly describe your words. I have a boy entering the teen years soon, and some of the moodiness has started already, though not full blown, I don't think. Good luck!

These Nine Acres said...

She is so beautiful! I know how you feel...except I think I have a lot more sassiness and not so much moodiness from my 13 yo boy!

Peter said...

Your daughter is beautiful, please display, in areas she cannot avoid photos of her with the mouth "up" and the mouth "down" and ask her how she would like to be thought of.


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