Thursday, April 15, 2010


Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other.
~ Carol Saline

I'm so blessed to have two daughters who really do love each other, although if you ask them directly they would never let on that they consider each other a "friend". It makes a mama's heart happy to see them laughing, sharing and playing together and it's moments like these that I will cherish forever. Of course, they are sisters and anyone out there who has a sibling knows that even though there are loving, caring moments, in an instant those moments can turn to hurt and tears.

It is my hope that they will always maintain this special sisterly bond. I am posting these pictures here today to prove to them in those hurtful times when one does the other wrong, that they shared this loving moment and to remind them that...sisters are forever friends.


quilly said...

Nice. sigh

janjanmom said...

As one of 4 sisters(4th) and mother to 3 sisters, I have to love this post! :)

Your girls are beautiful.

Janis said...

Glad you got it on camera...they will remember the good times..not to worry! I think all Moms hope n pray that their kids will stay close and be friends! You got some great action shots. Love the very last sweet!

These Nine Acres said...

*sniff* I always wanted a sister!

Faye said...

These are definitely keepers, Kelly. Your daughters remind me of my friend Beth's twins--Amanda and Wittney. Like your daughters, they're blond, beautiful and love each other very much--even now that they're grownup and in college.

Anonymous said...

That looks like just pure joy. I hope they maintain that always. There might be some up's and down's but I'm sure they will always be that close. So cute they are. :)


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