Monday, November 1, 2010

CL's Top Ten Simple Pleasures of Fall

1. A hot cup of chai tea
2. The beautiful fall foliage
3. The crispness in the air
4. My electric warming blanket on my bed
5. A tasty bowl of homemade chicken corn soup
6. My cozy L.L. Bean slippers
7. Everything pumpkin
8. The smell of a wood burning fire
9. Taking hikes in the woods
10. Wearing old jeans and a sweater

What are your simple pleasures?


Janis said...

My faves are all of the about except the chai tea. I love the new snowflake tea I bought at the last Tea room we visited. Also the anticipation of Thanksgiving n Christmas are another fave!

That corgi :) said...

loved the fall pictures! the foliage is so gorgeous! also enjoyed reading your "simple pleasures!" all very nice ones! my simple pleasure, a good book on a cool day, wrapped in a blanket enjoying the book and something warm to drink :)


quilly said...

Hot mocha lattes and the new fleece sheets on my bed. Snugglely, cozy, warm, and silky, soft, too!

Faye said...

You smart girl! I love your photo collages--that's such a good trick. I'd add hot spiced cider to the faves list. Tell us more about your homemade chicken soup. Quick? Like a chowder?


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