Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dressed For Success

I am a bargain shopper. There's no doubt about it..... I was born to shop. The first place I head is directly to the back of the stores to browse the clearance racks. And 99% of the time I will have a coupon for that store as well, making my purchase price a little easier on the purse strings. I love to buy clothing and shoes....just ask my husband who is gradually being pushed out of our closet for lack of space.

I'm also proud to admit that I love to riffle through the local thrift stores for gently used and often times never worn name brand clothing for next to nothing! In fact, our local thrift store here in PA regularly holds a dollar sale. Here's a tip if you've never been thrifting. Allow yourself ample time to look through the racks and racks and racks of clothing. Often times the clothing is not sorted by size. Our thrift store in PA is sorted by category and color. So, all the black skirts are on one rack. All the red sweaters on another and so on. It really does take alot of time and patience to browse the racks, but I promise you, the "finds" are there - - sometimes hidden between the faded 1960's crocheted Christmas sweaters and your grandma's polyester stretch band pants.

If you want to achieve a unique style and/or save a ton of money, thrifting is the way to go!

At my latest thrifting outing, I decided to purchase some business attire for my new job search. I guess it was my lucky day because I came across a black suit that fits me perfectly! Total price = $2

Did I mention that I have a shoe fetish...a high heel shoe fetish? Check out these super sexy patent spikes! I recently came across these babies at the JC Penney Store. In case you didn't know, Penney's has changed their pricing platform and they now have every day LOW prices!  Total price @ 90% off  = $5

If you are looking for winter clearance, now is the time to shop. Most stores have their winter clothing and accessories marked down 75-80% off.

The blouse I am wearing under my black suit was 80% off at Sears. Total cost = $6.99.

So, my entire "interviewing" outfit from head to toe = $14! do I look?  I think I'm ready to take on the cut throat business of job hunting. And if I can't dazzle them with brilliance, I'll baffle them with bullsh*t! Wish me luck! Oh and by the way...are shoulder pads in style? My daughter asked if I was going to play football with all that padding!


janis said... look so professional! Now all you need is a job!!! Great buys...I am proud of thrifty little Daughter!!!

Faye said...

Kelly on a shoestring is formidible! Too bad you can't use these strategies in your interviews--then again, maybe you can? Every well-dressed woman I know shops all the time--not frantically as I do when I have a trip or event--but just as an ongoing practice. The other night a friend had on a beautiful cashmere sweater, but not at cashmere prices. She'd been watching them and when they went on sale in Jan. she bought hers.None of my friends do thrifting that I know of, but you've just proved that it's worth the effort--and fun as well! Good luck with the job search--for sure you're dressed for success.

The Freedom Writer said...

I'll play football, two hand touch or tackle. That $14 find looks like a million bucks. That beautiful smile and attitude really goes well with your outfit. I sure am lucky that your MY Valentine!


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