Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Enabler

It's amazing how much work you can get done around your home when you actually stay at home the entire weekend. Staying focused and motivated is key. Mentally it feels great that I got something accomplished. Physically, I look forward to going back to work just so I can relax and rest my weary aching bones from all the hard labor I enforced upon myself.  

While we were busy around the ol' homestead doing little odds and ends - - painting shutters, landscaping, cleaning out junk, etc. etc., I couldn't help but notice the buzz around my bird feeder. I counted not one, not two, but 5 birds and a squirrel feeding all at one time!  My mama told me that you shouldn't feed the birds once spring arrives. I guess that theory makes sense since nature provides plenty for them to eat this time of year. However, these critters are going through a bag of seed in less than a week! To continue providing for them could get a little costly on my end. Not to mention the fact that I am enabling these beautiful creatures to become lazy and fat. On the other hand, these creatures serve as my backyard entertainment and admitting that I truly love watching them makes me feel like and old person. Oh wait, I am an old person. 

Welp, tomorrow it's back to the store for some more feed (and some pain killers). Happy Monday ya'll. 


Faye said...

How could you resist such a cute moocher? The squirrels and birds get apples, oranges, and whole wheat bread at my house. Even saw some orange rinds peel in the tree.

Looks like some serious work is getting done around the ranch these days. That's good because you'll be able to play with an easy conscience when the weather improves.

Tracy said...

Mr. Squirrel knew that if he stood still long enough with his hands folded that you would feel sorry for him and run to the store for more food. It sounds like it worked.

Jan n Jer said...

LOL..I think Mr squirrels relative over here is the one that knocked my bird feeder to the ground and broke it into a million pieces. I too enjoy watching the birds flock to my yard...even though I know its because I feed them all though the year...big time moochers...but I am ok with that! They provide nice photo's worth it!!!


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