Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Snapshots

With all of the hustle and bustle of holiday gatherings and events, it isn't easy for me to focus on taking photographs. In fact, most of the photos I took over Christmas are simply "snap shots" to capture those special moments and cherish the memories without having to think about what setting I should have my camera on.

Here are just a few of my favorite straight out of the camera snapshots from our Christmas and why:

Just prior to Christmas, our dear friends, Don and Mitz had a "Thriftmas Party", in which everyone was required to bring a gently used gift item from home or thrift store to exchange. "Ugly Sweater" was the theme. I like this photo, because even the wine bottles were decked out in ugly sweaters.  

Give my mom a glass or two of wine, and she's on a roll! Many laughs were exchanged at the Thriftmas Party.

Whoa! My sister is a brave girl for wrapping this highly venomous snake around her neck. He looks like he is getting ready to take a bite! lol! This "thrifty gift" is a fake, but I can't say she has never held a real snake before. Her hubby breeds them!

I love this photo because it shows how hard we were all laughing at my hubby and his"thrifty gift" shirt that was a tad too small.

We set my camera on the tripod for this snapshot while at the "Thriftmas Christmas Party".

During our Christmas break, we were invited to Deep Creek Lake, MD with my SIL's family. The rental house had an indoor pool. It was the first time I had been swimming in over a year. Look how happy my teen girls are!

This photo captures the memory of my first taste of apple pie moonshine in the mountains of Western Maryland. My niece's bo (pictured in the background) was kind enough to share. Problem was...there wasn't enough!

I gave my girls these pajamas as an early Christmas gift. They lived in them the entire weekend while at Deep Creek Lake.

I like this photo because it shows the Wisp Ski Resort at Deep Creek Lake through the window. Also pictured is my SIL reading a book inside the beautiful 3-story vacation home. It was a very relaxing mini vacation. But slightly too warm for skiing and making snow.

The smiles on my girl's faces are priceless as they pet Ted, my niece's new dog she rescued from a kill shelter in NC. Ted accompanied us on vacation.

Admission: we still put cookies and milk out for Santa. After all, I get hungry from stuffing all those stockings with gifts! I hand painted this plate years ago when my girls were elementary school age. We've used it every Christmas since then.

My oldest teenager thought it would be funny to get my husband the gift of Adidas sandals and Nike socks. This is totally not his style, but according to my teen girl, it is the style of every teen boy!

My step FIL loves his Christmas gift he so lovingly named "Shit Bird".

These kiddos have grown up together. And they still remain the bestest of friends. I'm so glad they spent Christmas day with us.

I love this photo because it shows me spending my Christmas day with family and friends whom I love and adore!

These two are smitten with each other and I love them to pieces! Thanks for spending Christmas with us!

Christmas would not be Christmas without the children. My niece is pictured here with her giant giraffe she got from Santa. 

My sister models a lovely fur coat her husband got her for Christmas. Doesn't she look stunning? Actually, the coat belongs to a friend who invited us to her home for dinner after Christmas.

May you all cherish the memories of 2013 and look ahead to a new year full of memories to be made!


Tracy said...

I loved looking at your "snapshots". Those are the best kind of pictures. I'd say your family had a very nice Christmas.

Jan n Jer said...

I second that emotion. Loved all the snaps and being with family. 2013 has been a good year. Thank you Lord!

Jen Blake said...

Kelly, These are GREAT. Your family is the BOMB. You guys are so blessed to have each other. Thanks for sharing!


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