Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our House Guest

We are so excited and honored to have "Ella" the traveling elephant staying with us over the next few weeks. Ella's home town is in Southern Maryland. She plans to travel all around the United States visiting different bloggers' homes. Her motto is "Have Trunk, Will Travel." So far, Ella has been to Hawaii, Texas, Colorado, Maryland and now she is here as our house guest in the Keystone State, Pennsylvania. I will be sharing some pictures of Ella as she tags along with us on our journeys and embarks in our daily activities.

As soon as Ella arrived at our home on Friday, she spotted our hot tub. She immediately changed into her swim suit and began her relaxation ritual. I guess she was tired and weary from her travels.

We took Ella with us to celebrate my sister's Birthday. You can visit Count Your Blessings here. Ella enjoyed a piece of ice cream cake! We sprinkled nuts on top just for Ella! She sure loves a party!

Ella seems to be fitting in well with the family. She will have a busy week with us, so be sure to come back and visit, as I will post more pictures of Ella's adventures.

If you would like to view Ella's previous visits to other states, or if you would like to invite Ella to visit your home, click here for details and contact information.


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