Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Wishes!

I would like to wish all you moms and moms-to-be out there a very happy Mother's Day today! A special wish goes out to my Mom who is not only my Mom, but my closest friend. This post is a special tribute to her.

What a joy to have someone as wonderful as you, who offers such concern and care for everything I do. Who's always there to lend an ear to anything I say. God bless you mom and have yourself a very happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day Wishes,
The Church Lady


Janis said...

Oh girl, I am so surprised. I had a very nice Mothers day weekend. As always, any time I am with my two wonderful Loving daughters is time well spent. Kelly, thank you so much for this special tribute and also my bird photo that our very talented cousin/niece..Tracey (ipost)took. I am so proud of you not only as a daugther and friend, but as a Good Mom to your own two girls. All my Love, Mom

quilly said...

What a cool tribute to your mom! I bet she loved it.

margaret said...

Awww - how lovely! Happy Mothers Day to you and the wonderful Janis!


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