Friday, June 12, 2009

A Crab Feast

I have known the Atlantic Blue Crab to be a delicacy for many, many years since I was born and raised a Marylander. Blue crabs have been caught commercially in the Chesapeake Bay area for centuries. They are now harvested from the mid Atlantic region to Florida and in Gulf states as far west as Texas. But, no one else seems to know how to cook or shall we say "steam" a crab as well as a Marylander does. The secret ingredient? It is Old Bay. A spice that was developed by a German immigrant who settled in Baltimore, MD in 1939. 60 years later, the legendary spice is used worldwide by renowned chefs and seafood restaurants as well as everyday folks. Old Bay seasoning is produced and packaged in Hunt Valley, Maryland at the McCormick Spice Company. Steaming the crabs with a mixture of rock salt and Old Bay are the key ingredients to this delicious, mouth watering delicacy that will make you long for more!

This past weekend, we had the opportunity to share in this MD seasonal rite at a crab feast held at the home of our good friends, Janet and Darryl. Steamed crabs are definitely not fast food and they are not for formal people either. After all, you eat them right off the table (usually lined with newspaper) and with your bare hands! Darryl steamed up the live bushel himself, with the help of Casey and within 1/2 hour, we were sitting down to enjoy a leisurely evening of pickin', eatin' and drinkin' (gotta have a beer or two with yer crabs)! Who would have thought that this bottom feeder of dead fish and vegetation, otherwise known as the "beautiful swimmer" would taste so sweet and good? Many thanks to Janet and Darryl for their hospitality and generosity!


The Freedom Writer said...

Eating crabs is like a mini vacation. Good Time!

Janis said...

You got it right, one thing about Md. is they have the best steamed crabs and crab cakes. I noticed on some Menues now in the south.. crab cakes..MD. style. Here in Hanover, just being over the Md. line, we are able to get decent crabs. The Chesapeake bay crabs are way sweeter then the ones from Fl n Texas. LOVE,LOVE them!!

Patience said...


Tracey9AD said...

*salivating* I haven't had a crab feast yet this year, but Randy and Barb got a crab pot they are planning on testing out!

Tracy said...

I love that Maryland is known for it's steamed crabs. It's comical explaining how to pick a crab to someone who hasn't done it. It makes for an interesting conversation to say the least.

Sadly though, the crab population has declined over the years due to pollutants and run off from farms. Let's continue cleaning up the bay so that the oysters and crabs can thrive again!!

margaret said...

Hee...I'll never forget whenImoved to MD and I traded in my Virginia driver's license for a Maryland one. I marveled that there was a picture of a crab on my license! I thought at first it was some sort of comment on my demeanor at the MVA, but then I saw that everyone had one :-)

I'm going to take a deep breath here and admit that I do not like shellfish. Don't tell Maryland, I might have to turn in that driver's license :-)But then- there's more for everyone else, right?


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