Monday, August 17, 2009

Fun Monday - Scar Belly?

This week's Fun Monday is hosted by Mouse from The Adventures of Lil' Mouse. Mouse (aka Jill) has challenged us to the following:

This week, I challenge you to show us your scars. Scars can be physical or emotional, they can be a reminder of something good or a warning against repeating past actions. They are often (like most experiences) great teachers. If it’s a physical scar, tell us how you got it, if you learned anything from the experience, and what you think of when you see it. If it’s an emotional scar, how did you come by it and what has it taught you?

The older I get, the more I can't tell my scars from my wrinkles! Thankfully, I am not burdened with any emotional scars. But, I do have one physical scar that will always be a reminder of my two girls. It is my belly scar from my Cesarean Section operation. I will spare you all a photo of my bikini cut scar, but I will show you what resulted from my scar:

1st born @ 9 mos. old

2nd born @ 2 1/2 mos. old

My first child was not a scheduled C-Section, but after 12 hours of intense labor, the doctors determined that the baby was stuck in my birth canal and an emergency C-Section would have to be performed. This was a painful procedure because they had to tug and pull the baby out of my canal and I could feel tremendous amounts of pressure. Finally, my first baby girl was born and besides her coned shaped head, she was perfect in every way.

When it was time for my second baby, I decided to schedule a C-Section so there would be no chance of the baby getting stuck again. The second time around was a breeze and again I had another beautiful baby girl!

Eleven years later, I have a lovely scar to remind me of my two beautiful girls!

Now, go on over to visit Lil' Mouse and see what scars the other FM participants are sharing! Thanks for hosting, Jill!


Jill said...

Hm. Not so lucky the first time, but the second time sounds good. I had a long labor because my water broke WAY too early, and then the doctor didnt get a move on, baby was turned the wrong way and they basically after 24 hours of labor and 4 hours of pushing decided she wasn't coming out. Ya think? I probably could have gotten a decent shot of it, but it looks like a thin purple marker line, they did a really good job with it! Thanks for playing!

Faye said...

Oh, these two photos should be labeled with a major cute alert! Such big rabbit ears, such smiling faces. I'm sure it was easy to forget the pain of their delivery for the end result. And how much smarter you got the second time around to go ahead and schedule the C-section since you knew the potential trouble. Good job, Church Lady!

The Freedom Writer said...

I married one beautiful girl and ended up with three. I am truly blessed. My scars are hidden in the wrinkles of my face and are from the adventures of my youth, boys will be boys.

margaret said...

Awww...what a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing, my friend.

Driftwood and Pumpkin said...

Those are the best kind of can forget them easily because of the beautiful results!

Pamela said...

what an alert and happy 2 1/2 month old.

I never had to have a c-section but I do have episiotomy scars.

karisma said...

You were luckier than you think the first time. My SIL was in agony for nearly 36 hours before they finally put her out of her misery. She is also contemplating a scheduled c -section this time.

Those gorgeous girls look like they are totally worth a little scar!

Janis said...

Now those were scars worth getting, just look what you produced. I always say my stretch marks are my badges of joy! I am blessed with two beautiful daughters and four beautiful gran-daughters.

Sayre said...

I have the same scar - and would do it again in a heartbeat!

My post is finally up!

quilly said...

Oh they were adorable babies! Look at those smiles! Remind me please, how old are they now?

ChrisB said...

Definitely a scar that is well worth having. I bet they are still as cute as they were as babies.


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