Thursday, August 13, 2009

You Canoe?

Have you ever been in a canoe? It has been years for me. The last time, but not the first time, I remember being in a canoe was in Maine. I remember tying my car keys to my shoe lace in fear that my hubby would tip the thing over and my keys would sink to the bottom of the cold, deep, dark lake. That was over 13 years ago.

A few months ago, we hooked up with my good friends and seasoned canoers, "S" and "D". We met them at the nearby park so they could demonstrate and show us their new canoes. My two girls and hubby took the canoes for a paddle around the lake. Visions of me tipping the canoe over trying to get my arse into it flashed through my head. So, I opted to watch from the shore line. Turns out, the girls are natural canoers. They hopped in those boats and paddled all the way across the lake.

These cool canoes are not your typical aluminum or fiberglass boats. They are made of a polyethylene material, which makes them totally maintenance free! The padded seats and adjustable backrests allow you to canoe for hours in complete comfort! These canoes are called the Synergy series by Mad River. (Please correct me if I am wrong "S".) I prefer this canoe over a kayak. It really is easy to get into and you sit higher off the water than a kayak.

Many thanks to "S" and "D" for letting us take their cool canoes for a test ride! Perhaps one day we will have our own canoes just like these!

(Photos taken by "S")


quilly said...

I love canoeing but I haven't done so in years. I like the cargo compartments on this, but it is definitely a one person canoe. What happens if you want to take a friend? You each have to buy a boat!

Jan n Jer said...

This may be the boat you hubby has been dreaming of..hee hee he. Looks like a lot of fun. quilly has a point though, only one person can fit in it.

m (the misanthrope) said...

Those are nifty canoes! I have only canoed (is that a verb?) once that I can recall; it was a couple of years ago, on my birthday - what is it with my birthday and new ventures? Anyway, J and I were not in KW, so we went to our local park and rented a canoe. It was the older aluminum type. I had great fun; the only bummer was the amount of trash I saw in the corners of the lake. The ducks who lived there had to pick their way through it :-(

I'd definitely go again; thanks for sharing, and TGIF to you!

Driftwood and Pumpkin said...

I have been canoeing, but not as an adult. I remember thinking they felt very unstable! I think I prefer the kayak, although I don't really know what the difference is!

Tracy said...

I love those canoes! That would be a great Christmas present! Let's get two just like we did with the mountain pie makers.

Jill said...

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