Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's Been Decided

Thank everyone so much for your input on where the hubs and I should spend our 16th year anniversary coming up on October 16th. It seems that the majority of the votes were for the Bavarian Inn in Sheperdstown, WV, with the second most votes for the B&B in Amish Country, Lancaster, PA and lastly the AC/DC concert.  So today, I went ahead and called the Bavarian Inn to make our resos and imagine my surprise when the receptionist said they were booked. Wha?? Yep, booked solid. No rooms available. None. Nada. Not even one. They are booked the whole entire weekend. Jeez. Needless to say, I was a little disappointed, but decided to go with your second choice.

So, we will be traveling here and here and here. I was lucky to find this quaint B&B in Lancaster County. There is tons to do in Lancaster, PA. Amish living is something I would like to learn more about, so an Amish farm or village and perhaps a buggy ride will be on our agenda. FW (aka: hubs)  doesn't know it yet, but I am sure he will love going to this place. It is the Green Dragon and it is the largest farmers market on the East Coast. Oh boy! How bout' it honey?

I will certainly post some pics and give you all the exciting details after our romantic getaway. I am sure you will all couldn't care less be anxiously awaiting to read all about it!  Thanks again to all my blogger buddies. Your input  really helped, as I truly could not make up our minds!

Life's Little Words of Wisdom: Be flexible.


Heather said...

Okay, I wasn't here for the voting, but I would have gone for the B&B for sure. I love B&B's! I hope you two have a fantastic (and romantic) getaway!

quilly said...

Oh -- can I join you? ;)

Take lots of photos. I want to see!

Jan n Jer said...

Great choice...lets hope and pray for beautiful weather. Can I go to the Green Dragon with U??, my shopping gene kicked in just looking at the info.LOL

Tracy said...'ll enjoy it and I'm sure you'll be bringing home some tasty treats or a handcrafted souvenir. ENJOY!!

Gordy said...

For an overview of things to see and do in Lancaster County, and to learn more about the Amish, check out

Hope you enjoy your visit.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Can't wait to see the pics!


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