Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Team Spirit

The football season is back in action. Not a weekend goes by around these parts of town where football isn't the main attraction. And, football would not be the same without that group of spunky, glamour girls cheering from the sidelines. Right?  Without cheerleaders, wouldn't football be dull and boring? Ok, well I guess that was a stretch for those diehard fans. But the fact is, cheerleaders and football go hand in hand. My daughter happens to be one of those spunky, glamour girls cheering from the sidelines and I am proud to be a "cheer mom" this year for our school's football team.

Did you know that cheerleading is a team sport which originated in the U.S.? The mission of a cheerleader is to help draw attention to the game and encourage audience participation. Cheering pumps up the crowd and motivates the players. We rely on our cheerleaders to convey school spirit, while supporting the football team. Our squad promotes fitness, self-esteem, trust, enthusiasm and fun! Here are a few photos of our first game. L-E-T-S  G-O!
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margaret said...

Woot! Go Team!

Tracy said...

Casey is a natural! Her smile and good spirit make for a perfect cheerleader.

Janis said...

She's the cutest little cheerleader I ever saw! G O G I R L

Heather said...

Looks like your daughter is a great cheerleader!

quilly said...

Hmmm, in my high school the purpose of the cheerleaders was to ridicule all the other girls and make certain we knew we were inadequate. I am glad your cheerleading squad knows they are ambassadors!

The Freedom Writer said...

That's my girl! Never had a chance to date a cheerleader, but it sure feels great having one as a daughter! Casey you rock!


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