Thursday, October 8, 2009

To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate?

A important packet of papers came home with my kids today. I also received an automated phone message from the school's principal informing parents of this packet of important papers. What was this important information you ask? It was a letter regarding the 2009 H1N1 influenza virus, a two-page informational "What You Need To Know", and a  Parent Consent Form to have my children vaccinated. The vaccine is being offered for free to students and can be administered by the traditional "shot" method or nasal spray.

I was not expecting this to be offered through the school and as of now, in the State of PA, it is not a mandatory vaccine. We have been given the option to have our children vaccinated "free of charge". Sounds like a deal. But, I was not planning on having my children vaccinated. Not even at the doctor's office. They have never been vaccinated for the seasonal flu and other than the occasional colds, my kids are and have always been pretty healthy. So, I am seeking out sound and reliable information from sources I trust so I can be totally informed if and when I sign the consent forms.

What are your thoughts on the vaccine? Will you get the vaccine when it becomes available to you?  Do you have a reliable source for information about the 2009 H1N1 virus and vaccine? I would love your input!

Life's Little Words of Wisdom: Freedom is doing what you know is right without fear.


Driftwood and Pumpkin said...

Hmmmm...this one is always a tough one for me. If they DO get the flu, there is always Tamiflu that helps lessen the effects and shorten the time they have it.

I have consented to allow them to be vaccinated but I always second guess myself, so I am not a good source to go by.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Seasonal and H1N1 flus are sweeping through my area now, long before flu normally peaks here. Since both vaccines are slow getting to this region, I fear the flu will have swept through here before we get a chance to make that decision. In a normal year, I do not vaccinate my daughter for the flu. I get a shot because my allergist recommends it for me. H1N1 is just another flu, so I don't think we'll vaccinate for it in our family.

Janis said...

Jer n I have been getting the seasonal flu shot now for 10 years...and we swear by far so good. I can remember at your age having the asian or hongkong flu and I thought...this must be how it feels to die...that is how bad I felt...I was flat on my back for a week. Anyway...its a crap shoot if you ask me...But I will be getting the H1N1 shot if it becomes avalible to my age group.

The Freedom Writer said...

Glenn Beck today at 5:00 on Fox News will be discussing both sides of this issue, and I believe they will spend the whole hour on the subject. I will not be taking the vaccine, but I will inform myself as much as possible before deciding for my children. I try to watch Glenn Beck every day to stay informed. He is not a dem. or rep. he puts the country first.

quilly said...

Twice I have gotten flu vaccines. Both times I had horrific reactions much worse than the flu could have possibly been. I will not get another.

Heather said...

My pediatrician is recommending the H1N1 vaccine mainly so my kids won't have to miss a week of school if they get it. (The current guidelines) I have not decided yet on either the H1N1 or the regular flu shot. I thought that the spray was weakened live strains and the shot was dead strains, but I'm not sure about that. If that is the case, I'd rather the shot under the assumption that it is safer. I haven't received the seasonal flu shot since 2003. So basically, I have no idea what you should do! Sorry, I'm no help at all!

Swampy said...

My doctors have always recommended that I get the flu shot because the chemo almost did away with my immune system. For the last 7 years, I have "experimented" by sometimes taking it, sometimes not. The three years I did not take it, I was in bed with the flu for TEN days, once almost having to go to ER.
So, I ALWAYS take the flu shot.
The last two doctors I've seen have both told me that if I can get the H1N1 shot, to take it.
As far as the kiddos, I don't know. My daughter is 6 months pregnant and has a 4 year old attending pre-school. Several of the kids, their siblings, and even a pregnant mom tested positive for it. They were given Tamiflu, and were not that sick.
My thought is that everyone reacts differently to vaccinations. Everyone's immune system is different. So who knows ?
My husband has NEVER gotten a flu shot, and has NEVER had the flu !
I guess we will all continue to be guinea pigs and pray that NO one has a serious reaction to the vaccination.
The last person to die of the H1N1 in Colorado was reported to be in "good health" but was extremely obese. I didn't know a person could be extremely obese and in "good health."
After all this, I've been no help at all.

Tracy said...

I'm undecided whether or not to take advantage of the free vaccination. If you watch the news, the media seems to be pushing the vaccine and of course, only reporting the bad things that have happened. I think a lot of people are on the fence about it. I have reservations about this so, I'm waiting until the last minute to sign the consent form.

Sayre said...

Visit I went there and found a lot of good information. Perhaps that would help you in your decision-making.

We've had four people contract swine flu at my workplace so far. None of them fit the "profile" of who was most likely to get the flu. And I have a friend who just lost someone to swine flu - someone who was supposedly pretty healthy. I have a feeling this is a crapshoot.

I have gotten the flu shot every year since I was diagnosed with diabetes. If we get enough vaccine in our area, my doctor will probably recommend that I get this one too. If he does, I will. And if it is offered to my son, I would get it for him.


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