Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Dog's Day

We took our Cooper to the park lake for a swim and a good run last week. Even though the park is less than a mile from our home, our trips there have been few and far in between.  The Fall is a busy time for us -jammed packed with activities and now that the days are getting shorter and the nights longer, our weekday park visits will soon come to a halt.

Cooper loves the park. Cooper loves the water. Cooper loves people.

See Cooper's tongue...

See Cooper smile...

See Cooper splash!

Cooper is a ball of energy. Cooper is always looking for attention. Cooper always has something in his mouth.

Sit... Stay Cooper.

Good boy!

  He really is a good dog. Just misunderstood.

Life's Little Words of Wisdom:  Busy people always have time for one more thing.


Janis said...

and a little crazy...haha.. hehe... he is a powerful dog and will one day be a great watchdog.

quilly said...

Cooper is beautiful. I had a Yellow Lab whom I loved and adored. He was such a good dog -- even if he did always have something in his mouth and had to soak himself in every concentration of water he encountered.

Swampy said...

Oh, I wuv Cooper ! Such a sweetie.

Faye said...

Oh gosh! What a big old boy. It's a joy to see a dog obviously having so much fun. Willie and I stop for a chat through the fence--and peeing contest--with another yellow lab who's named Cooper! We've been doing this for several years since both were pups.

How much does Cooper weigh? Keep thinking about a next dog as Willie is 13--I definitely still want a walking buddy. Do yellow labs like to walk or are they just more rough and tumble?

wendishness said...

Awwww Cooper is such a beautiful looking dog! Great photos of him having fun!

michellea said...

Love the pictures and Cooper too.


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