Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Freedom Writer and I decided for the new year that we would set aside one night each week as our "unplugged" night. What does "unplugged" mean, you ask? Well, it means that we will have NO computer or TV time at all on one designated evening per week.  We will spend this particular evening either playing a family game, having some one on one time with the kids, getting a household chore completed, or reading a book. Lately it seems we have both fallen into the habit of spending every evening during the week locked in our office with our heads in our computers for hours on end blogging, facebooking, twittering, etc. The computer/internet is surely a useful tool, but it can also draw you into useless hours of networking and online socializing. It is an addiction and giving it up for one night a week will surely be a challenge. Unplugging from the TV will be less of a challenge for us, as we rarely watch TV as it is.

We have declared every Tuesday evening as our "unplugged" night.  This does not mean that I will not have something posted on Tuesdays, as I can always schedule something to post in advance. But, it does mean that I will not be reading any of your blogs or checking my e-mail, or doing any research or online shopping, etc. But, you can rest assure that come every Wednesday, I will be recovering from computer withdrawl and will make sure that I make my rounds through blogland! Wish me and FW luck with this challenge for 2010!


Tracey9AD said...

Good luck! It will probably feel like a relief to be honest. You won't feel obligated to check in on everyone!

Jan n Jer said...

That is a good thing...but I think it will be hard at first...your right..computers are addictive and you have to kick the habit. Good luck...I know you can do it...although I think the TV part will be hard on Carley! Love your new header!

Anonymous said...

Good idea! Now all you have to do is stick with it. We all should take a 'time out' to catch up with the important things in our lives that mean much more than the computer, etc.

Deborah Ann said...

Good for you! Just the thought of giving up my TV at night gets me in a panic. But I DO need to have more God time, and stick my nose in a book occasionally. I'll give it a try!

quilly said...

I think this is an excellent idea! For awhile our schedules were so busy Amoeba and I were pretty much saying good-bye, hello, and good-night to each other with little other dialog. Then one day I told him I missed him. Turns out he was missing me, too.

Now Amoeba and I spend at least one meal together, with visiting at the table after, every day. That way we can make certain we are still connecting on more than just the "details". We also tend to use commute time for connecting. We try to focus on only each other for at least one hour a day.

Hugh Reynolds Sr said...

What's that old saying, Here's looking at you, or More Power To You,sounds like a grand idea. Maybe you could get your FIL to adhere to it for one night, NOT. Love you guys and you go for it.


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