Friday, April 23, 2010

39 Feet in 2 Seconds

My oldest daughter is in jr. high track and field. She has been in a few sports over the years, but has never found "the one" sport she is comfortable with and loves.  She seems to like Track. Not sure if she loves it, but she has never once complained about it, so I need to assume that she at least likes it. Track and Field requires alot of practice - 2 hours every day after school - which is good for her. She needs the exercise, social skills and something to strive for.

I thought to myself, this is it. This is the perfect sport for her. I mean, how hard is it to run?

First track meet: she runs the 100 meter dash, "jogs" the short distance to the finish line and comes in last place. She declares her running days are over. Of course the coach encourages her to continue training and keep running, but I beleive humiliation got the best of her, so she decides to compete in field events only.

In jr. high track and field there are 4 field events - long jump, high jump, discus and shot put. My girl chose discus. If you have ever been a spectator at a track and field meet, you will know that the field events take time. Alot of time. And, they are far from being exciting. First, they go through the boys one at a time. All 30 or so boys from each team take their practice turn and wait patiently to go again....and again...and again as their personal record of distance is officially recorded. Then, it's the girls' turn and one at a time they take a practice turn...and so on. Did I mention that field events are dreadfully boring not exciting?

About one and a half hours later, my girl is finally up. I have patiently sat and waited and watched every participant take their turn. Now, it was my girl's turn. She throws the discus and within 2 seconds she is done her event...She is done her event and I missed the whole thing. Gasp! Why did I miss it, you ask?  I merely turned my head and it was over. In a mere 2 seconds, she was done. *Sigh*.

Thank goodness FW was able to capture it digitally:

                                                                                1 second:

2 seconds:


Janis said...

haha..oh well at least you were there for this exciting sport...glad you captured her moment on camera.

Tracy said...

Next time...take a book. Go Carley!!

The Freedom Writer said...

Sort of like childhood, gone in a flash.

Deborah Ann said...

Thank God for cameras! I have to laugh because sometimes just trying to take the picture causes me to miss the moment. Oh well...


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