Monday, July 15, 2013

What I've Been Up To

Boxes, boxes and more boxes!

As our moving date draws near (just 2 weeks away), the insanity is starting to set in.

Thank goodness for friends and family! What would have taken me 4 days of painstakingly bubble wrapping, box stuffing, and color coding, took all of 3 hours for these wonderful, generous, kind loving folks to pack up my entire kitchen!

A HUGE thank-you goes out to my mama, sister and my dear dear friends, Mitz and Don. I am so grateful for all your help!

So far, God has smiled on us through this life altering decision we've made. Fingers crossed and lots of prayers for continued blessings upon us.

And now, because of my insane craving for ice cream, I need to locate the ice cream scooper. Hmmm, which box could it be in?...Mom?


Tracy said...

It felt more like a party then work. It helps when you you have good friends and a lot of laughs to break up the monotony.

Jan n Jer said...

lol...guess you will have to use one of the tablespoons I set aside! It does help to have others join in a rather tedious job!!! It was my pleasure to Tracy felt more like a party!!!

Faye said...

Many hands make light--and fun--work! And hopefully the whole kitchen is so well packed that you'll need to eat out every day until the movers come. Hope the move continues to go smoothly, Kelly.

B-glowing coupon code said...

Loved the pics, keep up.


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