Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sir Cooper Celebrates Another Year!

If Cooper were human, he would be 64 years of age today (that's 8 in dog years) and considered a "senior dog".  He is a little over weight. Ok...alot over weight. But he seems to be healthy and thriving and can still bust a move when he gets a burst of energy. Since we've moved from the country into a smaller home in a community with close neighbors, Cooper's freedom to run has been somewhat jeopardized. Therefore, it is quite necessary for us to take Cooper for a walk nearly every day. He has gotten so used to this routine that he never allows us to forget... ever. And although he gets a daily dose of exercise and has been on a diet for over 2 years, Coop can't seem to drop the excess weight. It's a little ironic, as it sounds much like my life dilemma.

I know the ol' boy is getting up there in age, but this past year has been fairly good to him. As long as he continues to lay off the cheese curls and potato chips, hopefully he will drop a few pounds and increase his quality of life. Hmmm, sounds like advice I should take myself.

Happy Birthday Sir Cooper! Time to celebrate with Coopcakes for everyone!


Faye said...

Happy Birthday Favorite Boy! I think chunkiness is a lab thing, isn't it?

Tracy said...

He looks thrilled and not so sure what to do with his coopcake.


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