Friday, August 28, 2009


Have any of you seen this public service announcement on You Tube? It is somewhat graphic, but I think everyone who texts while driving should watch it and think twice about doing it again. I hope this video gets the M-E-S-S-A-G-E across.

I have not quite caught the burning desire to text everyone I know. I do, however, understand that there are many benefits to texting. For one, texting gets a message to the receiver immediately and therefore you may get a quicker response back without having to call that person. It is great for the college kids who may be stuck in a lecture and cannot respond to a parent's phone call. A simple text message to let your mom know you are ok will not interrupt the class. Not to mention, texting is quicker than making that phone call.

I am sure that one day, as my kids grow older I will find a use for texting on a regular basis. Some of my text messages may include, WH5 (who, what where, when, why)? WRU@ (where are you at)? WWJD (what would Jesus do). Did you know that 143 means I love you because there is one letter in I, four letters in love and 3 letters in you. You can refer here for some more texting shorthand abbreviations. Until that time, texting is something I can live without.

What are your thoughts on the video and on texting?


margaret said...

Hello my friend! I've been out and about these last couple of days and I have some catching up to do! First off, great guest post by Nature Girl. Hmm, I dream of owning a Harley Sportster one day.

About the texting - I have not seen that PSA, except for the short (less graphic) excerpt they showed on the NBC nightly news.

I am a text-a-holic, I admit it. It's a great way to tell someone something (spouse, parent, friend) when it is not urgent and I don't want to disturb them with a phone call. For instance, "running late, be there in 10min" or "call when you get a chance" - that sort of thing.

However, I do NOT EVER text while driving. Ever. I don't even use the phone unless I absolutely have to (and it's actually against the law in DC to drive while talking without a headset).

So those are my thoughts. I'm sure it's tough for parents of teens though...I was an adult before cellphones really came to popularity, so my folks never had to worry about that.

Thena said...

I saw the one they put on the nightly news. Immediately looked it up on you tube and posted it on my facebook. And since then others has posted it there as well. Hopefully it will get the message out, because so many people do text and drive. Some states it is against the law to text and drive but not here in GA.

Janis said...

I think everyone who text should watch this, especially the teens. To me, texting is overkill with alot of the teens...they carry that thing like a life line and will text while in the presence of others which I think is sooooo rude. Its more like a toy to them. There should be a mandatory class for all that text to learn the proper manners involved.

Heather said...

I text very little. It is usually to my hubby when I'm at the pool with my kids. And I use very few abbreviations, so it takes me forever!!! I'm sure once my kids have phones, I'll need to learn the lingo and get onboard, but until then I'm staying out of it. And texting while driving, never a good idea!

Quilly said...

I have a hard enough time dialing the phone when I am driving. Texting, NO WAY!

I hope the entirety of this video was dramatized and not just the lead up to the accident.


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