Friday, January 8, 2010

Unplugged Update


Due to the one and only television show I watch the ENTIRE year, "Unplugged Night" will be moved to another night. We've decided that Friday night would be a good night to be unplugged from our computers and TV.  And, since neither of us followed through this past week with "Unplugged Night", and since I am blogging tonight and IT IS FRIDAY, we will begin "Unplugged Night" next week.  It is definitely harder than we both thought. But, we are sticking to it.

If you have been following my blog, you will know that FW and I have designated one night per week as our "Unplugged Night" which means no computer or TV time. You can read more about it here.

I have been informed by my good friend and confidant, Deanna, that the 9th season of American Idol will begin next Tuesday evening! For those of you who are fans of the show, you probably  already know that Paula Abdul will no longer be a judge and that Ellen Degeneres has taken her place. Not sure how the fans will receive Ellen, because they loved Paula so much. I myself like Simon Cowell. Now, if Cowell ever left the show, I think I would lose interest in it.  So, since I will NOT be "unplugged" on Tuesday, you can join me in watching the 2 night season preimer on FOX.  Woot!


Thena said...

TV isn't my problem. Well it would be on Tuesdays, I love watching Biggest Loser. Computer is my addiction.

Janis said...

I am with Thena...the computer has me lock..stock and barrell. Playing all those virtual games on FB is addicting. My blog has taken a back seat. It would be hard for me to purposely be unplugged. Good luck with that! I am looking forward to AI...I think Ellen will bring a fresh new spin on the whole show.

Tracy said...

I'm psyched!! Are butts are planted infront of the TV every Tuesday night. I heard Simon might be leaving to focus on his other show America's Got Talent. If he leaves American Idol, it'll probably lose my interest as well.

margaret said...

*thud* Ok, afterIpicked myself up off the floor after seeing your beautiful new blog header...I also think that Unplugged Night is a great idea! (I had a momentary picture in my mind of you and FW playing acoustic guitars and singing classic rock songs a la MTV Unplugged...and now I have dated myself *sigh*)

Anyway - best of luck with that new and exciting resolution! As much as I enjoy the computer and TV, I agree that they can be conversation and/or ambition killer :-)

Pamela said...

computer is my addicition, too. I may have to follow your example. I'll probably get the DTs.

I won't miss Paula. She made me grit my teeth. I find myself enjoying Ellen DeGeneres and her talk show - if I ever drop in. Like I say, I don't watch much TV. Her humor and lively banter entertain. But, as I feel about all entertainers - I want to be entertained not preached to about their causes.

Heather said...

I love your idea of an unplugged night. I read about it before but not sure if I commented. I think it is going to open up a lot of time to do other things on your own or with each other! Good luck, I'm sure it will be a rewarding endeavor.


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